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This blog is dedicated to making money online. I will personally be trying new ideas and joining new programs in hope of turning a profit. This is not a get rich quick opportunity. This is a trial and error blog documenting my experiences and opinions about my investments. I will start small, and hopefully one day will reach my ultimate goal of profiting $100 USD a day from the internet.

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Churchill Downs (6/16) Picks/Results
Friday, June 16, 2006

I seem to be on a hot streak so here come some more picks! The races today start at 1:45pm Central US Time. I don't really feel today's racecard so I will only be making two bets. Hopefully they're winners!

Race 5 - #3 This Cat's Best Ex Bx 1-3-4
Race 8 - #3 Donnie's Madam Ex Bx 3-6-10

Both bets were (Losers)

Sorry for my long absense. I have been on a very relaxing vacation, and preparing to go back to school once again. However during my time off, plenty has occured. I will be updating my current bankroll and new investements/investment ideas shortly.

Final Thoughts: Well, I have finally decided to stop betting on the horses completely. Even though I knew this wasn't the means to reaching my goal, and it only served as a means of entertainment, I realized that it was eating away at what little money I had put aside for this project. Horse racing is very exciting and profitable, but again I don't like the idea of having to gamble to earn my money. I want to feel in control of my money. I should be able to understand the outcome and why it is so. My search continues.
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Ralf-Finance Update (6/15)
Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today my 7 day contract expired with Ralf-Finance, and I received payment instantly upon withdrawal. So I profited another 14% on my investment. Things are still looking strong and there are no signs of them pulling out anytime soon. I reinvested in the 14 day contract for 134% on investment. Sometime within these upcoming 14 days, I'll be writing a follow up about the company, presenting more research and information about them.

Current Thoughts: I again continue to believe this company will provide me with enough revenue and experience towards my future HYIP investments. My confidence remains with them, and as of right now I strongly feel I'll reach my short-term $400 goal with them.

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Churchill Downs (6/15) Picks/Results

Well yesterday went well, so I'm here again to continue. These picks are for Churchill Downs. Again, I'll be sure to report how I did later in the evening.

Race 4 - #1 Crafty Cammack Ex Bx 1-3-5
Race 7 - #4 Fast Navy Ex Bx 2-4-6
Race 8 - #1 Take the Ribbon Ex Bx 1-8-9
Race 9 - #8 Ada's Dream Ex Bx 5-7-8

Race 4,7 and 8 were all (Winners)

Total Bet: $24
Total Returned: $32.60
Profit: $8.60
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Churchill Downs (6/14) Picks/Results
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well today I start my first real bets on the horses. For those of you that are interested, I'll be posting the plays I'm going to be making today. First race starts at 12:15pm Central Time USA. I'll also post how I did later in the day.

Race 1 - #4 Nerinx Ex Bx 4-5-6
Race 3 - #4 C F O Lite Ex 4/ 8-10
Race 7 - #8 Crested Ex Bx 2-3-8
Race 9 - #3 Benny The Bull Ex Bx 3-7-9

Race 1 and 7 were both (Winners)

Total Bet: $24
Total Returned: $58.70
Profit: $34.70

Current Thoughts: Well I think I did pretty well today. Having profit at the end of the day is always nice. I don't know how much longer I'm going to continue with this, but as long as the profit is there I'll continue. I really enjoy doing this, but again the risk level of such an investment isn't exactly what I’m comfortable with. Tomorrow I race again. Make sure to come back for more picks.
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A Shot in the Dark
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Well while my HYIPs grow, I wanted to try something new and fun. I'm starting to get interested in horseracing. I will only allow myself to spend $100 on this "shot in the dark" project. I have been teaching myself to handicap horses and I have been following my choices online and have been doing well. So I'm trying it for real. Since I live in Illinois, I'll only be playing at Arlington Park and Churchill Downs. I'll try to post some "Free Picks" before the races so you can follow along if you like. Hopefully, this will be a profitable and fun investment. My goal is to make $200 profit, and hopefully use that to invest more.

I think I'll be starting tomorrow (June 14, 2006). Wish me luck!

Current Thoughts: I am excited to betting on the horses, but I do NOT expect this to help draw in my ultimate goal, this is just something fun I'd like to do during the summer and hopefully can help fund my future investments. I'm expecting horse racing to be similar to my online poker experiences, but I enjoy doing this more.

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The Site of Green

After some research I have finally found something that looks promising. Now I am still early in the program, but from what I've seen, things are going GREAT. After reading through some forums, I came across something known as HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs). Such programs promise high percentages of return in a short amount of time. Now whether your a veteran or beginner on the subject it is always thought, "This is too good to be true." To comment on that, IT IS. But you can't deny that with the right choices and research you CAN profit on such investments.

When I first started to get into HYIPs, I didn't have enough knowledge and I lost money. Now I feel I have a better understanding on the subject. First starting out, I became victim to typical ponzi scams, which are illegal. I began investing in programs claiming to return up to 600% on your investment in only 24 hours! I was pretty oblivious huh? Before closing the books on this idea, I began to discover new facts. While more than 90% of HYIPs are scams, there are a select few that are not. These select few are the ones backed up with REAL offline/online investments to back their promises, or have reasonable rates and limited investment amounts.

My newest investment is with an online company known as Ralf-Finance. Here are the progam details according to

Ralf Finance AssetManagement (fully automated) Status: PAYING.
Category: HYIP.
Since: March 20, 2006.
Minimum deposit: $5
Maximum deposit: $350000
Referral bonus: 9% monthly
Lifetime: 86 days.
Monitored: 39 days.
Payouts: 101.8% after 1 day, 114% after 7 days, 134% after 14 days.
Money system: E-gold.
Payout ratio:
68.4 %

The website has a very professional and unique appearance, and lists their address and phone number. This is something that almost NO HYIP does. I cannot verify their UK address, but I have called their U.S. phone number to confirm whether it was valid or not. It connected me, to my surprise, with Ralf-Finance. I have invested in their 114% plan twice and their 134% plan once and received my withdrawal instantly on request!

I emailed the company and received a response in less than 10 minutes. I asked, "How can your company offer such incredible return rates?" They proceeded to explain how they are involved in Penny Stocks. I was quite surprised by the support they were providing.

Current Thoughts: While I would not invest my life savings with this company, nor continue investing forever, they are the most professional I have seen to date. I have $100 invested with them, and my desire is to let it build to $400, then withdraw $300, and leave $100 in till the end, withdrawing whenever I desire and taking this $300 profit and reading into other HYIPs. While all seems good, I would never invest and leave money for too long in an HYIP because you never know when they'll fold. Are HYIPs the answer? It's too early to tell, but I can say they are looking promising.

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Before the Start

Before the Start:

Before creating this blog, I had already started my journey online. I'd like to take this time to catch you up on my previous attempt to make money online. Really it all began when my friend introduced me to online gambling ( He had discovered a site,, which gives you $50 FREE just for signing up through them. Naturally, I was interested in what he had to say.

Now up to that point I had NO poker experience. I didn't even know what hand beats what. So I did a little search online and learned some of the basics and learned to play very conservatively. Now the rule to this FREE $50 was that you had to play 250 raked hands before the money was considered yours. So played Limit Texas Hold'em with the lowest blinds to meet this requirement. As I played, I began to learn the game more and more. By the next morning, I had met the requirement and had earned $50 profit. I was sitting on $100. Was this my means to reaching my goal? No...

I had thought about it and realized very important factors that I couldn't accept.
1.) The great amount of risk involved.
2.) The great amount of time needed to constantly bring in such profits.
3.) My dislike for poker.

Final Thoughts: Playing poker online is the hardest way to make an easy living. If you understand the risk involved, enjoy the game, and have the bankroll/time I would recommend maybe looking into it, but this is not the key for me. My journey continues...

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A New Beginning

The internet has changed our lives as we know it. At the click of a button, it connects us to opportunity. It's everyone's dream to be able to be their own boss and make a living from home. The internet can be the key to unlock this opportunity. Now I by know means believe in get rich quick opportunities. If you want to be successful, it is going to require a great deal of hard work and dedication. I have decided to take the next step and see if I can profit along with the many who earn money online. My goal is to one day be able to earn $100 a day in profit.

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