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This blog is dedicated to making money online. I will personally be trying new ideas and joining new programs in hope of turning a profit. This is not a get rich quick opportunity. This is a trial and error blog documenting my experiences and opinions about my investments. I will start small, and hopefully one day will reach my ultimate goal of profiting $100 USD a day from the internet.

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Before the Start
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Before the Start:

Before creating this blog, I had already started my journey online. I'd like to take this time to catch you up on my previous attempt to make money online. Really it all began when my friend introduced me to online gambling ( He had discovered a site,, which gives you $50 FREE just for signing up through them. Naturally, I was interested in what he had to say.

Now up to that point I had NO poker experience. I didn't even know what hand beats what. So I did a little search online and learned some of the basics and learned to play very conservatively. Now the rule to this FREE $50 was that you had to play 250 raked hands before the money was considered yours. So played Limit Texas Hold'em with the lowest blinds to meet this requirement. As I played, I began to learn the game more and more. By the next morning, I had met the requirement and had earned $50 profit. I was sitting on $100. Was this my means to reaching my goal? No...

I had thought about it and realized very important factors that I couldn't accept.
1.) The great amount of risk involved.
2.) The great amount of time needed to constantly bring in such profits.
3.) My dislike for poker.

Final Thoughts: Playing poker online is the hardest way to make an easy living. If you understand the risk involved, enjoy the game, and have the bankroll/time I would recommend maybe looking into it, but this is not the key for me. My journey continues...

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