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This blog is dedicated to making money online. I will personally be trying new ideas and joining new programs in hope of turning a profit. This is not a get rich quick opportunity. This is a trial and error blog documenting my experiences and opinions about my investments. I will start small, and hopefully one day will reach my ultimate goal of profiting $100 USD a day from the internet.

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Ralf-Finance Update (6/15)
Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today my 7 day contract expired with Ralf-Finance, and I received payment instantly upon withdrawal. So I profited another 14% on my investment. Things are still looking strong and there are no signs of them pulling out anytime soon. I reinvested in the 14 day contract for 134% on investment. Sometime within these upcoming 14 days, I'll be writing a follow up about the company, presenting more research and information about them.

Current Thoughts: I again continue to believe this company will provide me with enough revenue and experience towards my future HYIP investments. My confidence remains with them, and as of right now I strongly feel I'll reach my short-term $400 goal with them.

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