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Ralf-Finance in Shambles
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's been nearly two months since I started "investing" with Ralf-Finance, and things were looking very promising. I developed a passion for learning and investing in HYIPs. I soon realized that if you get in and out at the right time, there is great profit to be made. However, determining such entry and exit points is not only very difficult but risky. I was on my last investment with Ralf-Finance before I was going to withdraw. I was in the 14 day plan and had 5 days left before the expiration of my contract. The next day I awoke to find the site was down. Ralf informed the public that they were switching databases and there was nothing to worry about. All of their investors were getting skeptical. One week later, to everyone's surprise, Ralf-Finance was back online and paying! However, I still had 5 days remaining in my contract. I patiently waited to withdraw my money and move on.

However, 2 days before my contract expired, an individual had turned in Ralf-Finance as thieves to their payment processor (e-gold). Ralf could no longer pay their investors for e-gold froze all assets in their account. To this day, for nearly a month since the incident, Ralf's website is still up and running but members are unable to withdraw any money. Ralf claims to be making payments later this week, but I have little hope in their statement.

Final Thoughts: I really thought I was on the right track with HYIPs, but now I know I wasn't. HYIPs can be very profitable but they can't be read as easy as I had imagined. You can't simply invest a large amount in one plan and move on. Not only are you running the risk of them shutting down and packing up, but also the risk that they may choose not to pay you on your large investment. HYIP investing is not only illegal but immoral. They are ALL ponzi scams and if you do make a profit it is stolen money from others. You also have to deal with that hollow feeling in your stomach everyday hoping they don't run with your money. I am now going to rethink my objectives and new ways to achieve them. But this has set me back quite a bit financially

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